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The Phalen Packing List

Based on two adoption trips to two different locations in two years, our packing recommendations:

Donít bother taking formula (you can buy what she is used to there -- better than upsetting her system changing formula there); a stroller (China streets are not stroller-friendly); U.S. phone cards or satellite phone (agency guide can get cheap phone cards that actually work where you are); or computer (cheap and easy internet access at hotels and internet cafes).

This may look like a lot of stuff, but with efficient packing we got it all into one large and one small roller suitcase, a camera bag, the diaperbag backpack, and a small carry-on bag. We also packed a empty soft-sided duffel that we filled with things we bought in China, but you can also buy extra luggage there cheaply for that purpose if you need it.

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