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Our renovation at 8227 Fort Hunt Road is complete! Well, we are still working on some projects, but we are essentially done with the renovation. (Is any homeowner ever truly done with their house? - we think not!)

After years of planning and planning and planning again, we finally decided to pop the top. We finalized plans back in July 2004 and signed a contract with Mickey Simpson Ltd. to transform our house into our dream home. We got off to a bit of a slow start. The project was to start in September 2004, but as is usually the case, all did not go as planned. Although our plans were approved by the county in September, our permit lingered awaiting the disconnect of the gas line amongst other delays. We will spare you all the painful details, but on December 7, 2004 we finally got the go-ahead and they started "tearing down the house." Then they started building...new joists on 1st floor...second story...back porch and trim...and we pass the rough-in inspections. Work continued in fits and starts throughout the seasons. Yes, seasons!

On August 15, 2005, after two different move-in date delays, we finally moved back in even though work was not complete. Work continued being done around us -- we finally had stair railings and shower doors mid-November 2005. Things continued to drag on and on January 18, 2006 we finally passed final inspection, although still with no front porch, no sunporch, and various small items still unfinished. Even so, we had had enough and called it quits with our builder.

We now have a beautiful front porch, walkway, and fish ponds, and are working on landscaping. The sunporch was build by a super local builder, John Hubbel with Davis Construction. He was great and we would highly recommend him unlike our original builder - well, except with the caveat that if you live in North Arlington, then yes, he may be your guy, because we do LOVE the house he built, it was just that the process was harder/lengthier than it needed to be because we were in an area that he usually doesn't work in; lesson learned. Jim built some decks in the back, put in a hot tub, and is currently working on an outdoor kitchen, complete with pizza oven! (now complete!) It has been a long, strange trip but we are nearing the end, and the most important thing is that the guestroom is open for business! So come see us!

Until you can get here in person, you can view pictures, before during and after, by visiting our online photo album of the project.

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