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Meet Elaina
Elaina at 2 months oldElaina was born on November 17, 1999 in Zhanjiang, a port city on the South China Sea, in Guangdong Province, China. To learn more about China, visit the Resources page. Elaina's birthmother clearly cared deeply about her well-being as she left Elaina on November 18th at the Zhanjiang Central People's Hospital. Elaina weighed 6 lbs. 9 ounces and was 19.6 inches long.

Elaina in China
Elaina at 6 months old Elaina has been well cared for in the Zhanjiang Children's Welfare Institute since her second day of life. The orphanage named her Yu Zhang, which means "forever beautiful." The Chinese characters in the upper right-hand corner of this page spell "Yu Zhang" in Chinese. To learn more about Chinese culture and language and about adoption from China, visit Resources. We learned on June 6, 2000 that we had been matched with Elaina and would soon travel to get her.

Jim and Tonda go to China to get Elaina
Join us on our trip to China to get Elaina through pictures and journal notes from the road!

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